This is Geo Code Locker

Geo Code Locker keeps track of your access codes to doors and other physical locations. It's one of those apps you didn't know you needed until you use it and it becomes indispensable.

Geo Code Locker stores your codes connected to a position on a map. When you open the app it displays the stored codes closest to your current location, no more searching through SMS, notes or the address book.

You can easily share a code with a friend by sms. The code and position is passed and if your friend has Geo Code Locker they can store the code and the it will be shown when the app is opened.


You probably have some questions. Don't worry, we probably have the answers. We'll list the common ones here.

Sharing Links Aren't Clickable on Android

An updated version (1.1) has been released to Google Play and App Store.

Is This Safe?

The quick answer is that this is as safe as entering your codes in your note app or address book. For a more detailed answer read this.

If you don't find an answer, send us an e-mail:

Get The App

Geo Code Locker is available on Android and iOS. Get your app now, it's free!